Fritznel VILIAIRE, Founder and Executive Director. Born in Port au Prince, My passion is working with children and young people in areas such as education, sports, crafts and social activities.










Montal ZIDOR, born September 6, 1968 in Belle-Anse in the South East Department. After studying in the field of education, I go into teaching, I teach social sciences and I work in a radio is where Executive Director Fritznel’s and I meet one day and it m asked to join the (RCSE) as co project manager. Since we are sold and we work for the welfare of the department and for Haiti in general.












My name is Nadia ALEXIS, I am 39 years old, I am married, I study the secretariat, my hobbies are: Reading, music, I like spending time with my family. I love children, and I love working with them.