We are engaging people with kind hearts and a global vision to provide underprivileged children in Haiti with education, healthcare, sports and exposure to basic arts and crafts. These skill sets will allow children to grow up with support and gain the understanding of the value of giving back to their community in a meaningful way in order to break the cycle of poverty in Haiti. Exposing these young people to opportunities can bring change to the Haitian society. In manifesting the idea from concept to reality, we need your help and the help of other global visionaries. Visit our facebook page and like our program. You can also share our page with other global-minded friends.

You can also help us by donating to our program. Our organization relies on outside assistance as there is very little opportunity within the Haitian society to provide the means to accomplish these goals. But contributing to our organization can change all that for future Haitian generations. It is our desire that the children in our program will be given the tools and knowledge to get further education, careers and the ability to bring an income in for their family.  And ultimately, they will grow up learning the core value of giving back to their own society. In return for your donation, you will receive a report and thank you from the child who received your help, as well as the comfort of knowing you are making real change. This is not a hand out, this program provides children and their families with a hand up.

To provide each child with this all inclusive opportunity it will cost $470 per year per child. Click the donation button below to support 1 child. If you would like to support multiple children, please email the number of children you would like to sponsor to Fritznel VILIAIRE, Executive Director and Program Administrator He will send you a paypal link for this special tax-deductible donation.